Yggdrasil Software Casinos and Slots

Yggdrasil Software Casinos and SlotsFew software developers have as much clout behind their name as that of Yggdrasil, an iGaming label that all players have heard of. In fact, we’d go so far as to suspect that even non-gamers have heard of them, such is their influence within the industry. Having been founded in 2013, they’re still quite the infant when compared with other names, such as Playson, Microgaming, and Barcrest. Nonetheless, while they may be one of the youngest software providers currently available, they’re by no means inexperienced, as their outstanding catalogue of games illustrates.

One of the perks of their youthfulness, besides their contemporary approach, is how transparent they are with their customers and business partners; everything on their website is presented to provide maximum amounts of information. Thanks to this desire to connect with their players on a more intimate level, a great deal many gamblers find Yggdrasil their brand of choice when visiting casinos. Speaking of casinos, there’s no end of Yggdrasil supported ones to access, with the most popular of their titles virtually provided on every online gambling site imaginable. There are, as always, exceptions to this rule, but you’ll find that Yggdrasil is a brand that can’t easily be ignored, and for good reason.

Alongside a considerable list of activities, all of which are HTML based (an aspect of the label we’ll discuss in greater detail later on), Yggdrasil also has an array of gaming awards on display. True, there’s plenty of iGaming brands that have been given awards, but few have as many as this particular company. These awards aren’t simply from the last couple of years, but date back to 2015, only two years after the company was founded, which in turn demonstrates that Yggdrasil have been on top of their game since the very beginning. Awards such like the 2016 EGR B2B Awards for Slot Provider of the Year, and The International Gaming Awards 2018 Innovator of the Year are just two of the many you can see on the pages of the brand’s websites.

Yggdrasil Supported Casinos

A lot of the Yggdrasil casinos out there are part of an influx of much newer online gaming sites, which is entirely fitting for the Yggdrasil company. After all, they’re a lead contemporary website, and so for them to be associated with brands which aren’t modern thinking would be a miscommunication of the label and its objective. Not that older, more seasoned casinos don’t have Yggdrasil games, just that it isn’t as common.

But we digress, getting back to the point at hand, one of these supported casinos is ComeOn, a 2008 launched platform that holds a dual license from the UK Gambling Commission and the Malta Gaming Authority. Mobile friendly and easy to navigate, it’s a great choice for all Yggdrasil fans. Also worthy of a visit is that of ShadowBet Casino, a fresher platform, having been released in 2016. This website has been voted a favourite among gamers, as countless review sites can inform you, and so it’s an obvious choice for those looking for that Yggdrasil fix. Similar to ComeOn Casino, ShadowBet holds a license from the Malta Gaming Authority, and the UK Gambling Commission, in addition to also being a mobile optimised experience. However, what sets it apart from other Yggdrasil casinos is its fluidity, how well it flows from one section of the site to the next; it’s a work of art, at least in terms of website design.


In-keeping with the level of clarity that we’ve commended Yggdrasil for thus far, we come to the range of licenses that the company, and any subsidiaries, hold. To demonstrate how seriously they take the legality of online gambling, Yggdrasil has provided a table of contents of every single one of their licenses. What this means is not only can we see the casino/gambling licenses they have, but also the B2B ones held, a side of a brand we don’t often get to see when reviewing a software developers.

For those that aren’t clear on licensing, it’s a way in which a company can keep their products and business associates safe from criminal activities. Of course, as with anything, one precaution isn’t enough, which is why Yggdrasil also have their sites audited on a regular basis, to check how secure their information systems are. These auditors are independent to the company, as stated on their website, and so there’s no chance of bias affecting the outcome of the results.

Returning to the licenses themselves, there’s ones from the UK Gambling Commission, the Malta Gaming Authority, the Gibraltar Regulatory Authority, and the National Gambling Office of Romania. Not only can you see what aspects of the brand these licenses cover, but you’re also given their full license numbers, so that you can carry out your own research.

Games Overview

Taking a look at their activities now, we can see that there’s been quite a few developments since their first game release, which was Fruitoids. Even though a lot of development and evolution of the brand has been felt since that time, there’s one characteristic of the games that remains pretty much the same: the quality of the graphics. Arguably the reason for such exceptional aesthetics is due to the software utilised by the brand, that of iSense, and due to NetEnt’s previous CEO, Fredrik Elmqvist, is at the forefront of everything the company does.

For the time being however, let’s take a closer look at the iSense technology in use, as this HTML system allows for much smoother transitions between the frames of the animation of the game, thus allowing for a more tangible, visually stimulating experience. This is why you’ll rarely ever come across a Yggdrasil game that doesn’t showcase in-depth graphics, even when the theme of the game is a retro one. Joker Millions is a fine example of this, seeing as how it has all the hallmarks of an old fashioned one armed bandit, yet that vintage feel is coupled with the contemporary graphics of Yggdrasil. Consequently, gamers get the best of both worlds, with Yggdrasil never compromising on what has made them a recognisable name within the industry.

Another notable characteristic of the brand, is that their games tend to reinvent the traditional themes of the slot machine industry; they still adhere to certain generic conventions, but they do so by putting their own stamp on it. Take Fruitoids for a case in point, this is a fruit machine themed slot, yet it’s got a alien vibe to it, with the fruit being weird and wonderful creations of Yggdrasil’s making. This may be a single example, but there’s many other Yggdrasil games that fit that “kooky” niche.

Most Famous Games

If you’re a follower of this label, you’ll likely know what game(s) I’m going to say is Yggdrasil’s most famous, but just in case you’re in the dark, let me spell it out for you – Vikings Go Berzerk. This original title, alongside its two sequels are hugely popular throughout the iGaming community, with more and more users asking whether they’ll be another instalment further down the line. Vikings Go to Hell is the newest of this franchise, with the graphics having stepped up yet another gear, thus delivering an experience more immersive than the last.

Even though the reasons why this game series is so famous can be debated, one of the underrunning common theories is because it’s so action packed, all while utilising an on trend theme. Vikings are very in at the moment (have they ever been out?), and so having a game that allows you to plunder to your heart’s content ticks a lot of boxes for an array of players, young and old. What is more, the Vikings activities allow users to connect with regular characters, therefore building a connection with the game, one that few other slots allow time for. It gives more back than a mere monetary prize, it allows growth with the characters as they face down monsters, demons, and who knows what else!

There are, as always, other titles that are also famously connected to the Yggdrasil brand, like Reptoids, a sci-fi special filled with undercover government work, but few come close to the entertainment value of Vikings Go Berzerk.