Top Slots for June 2018

As any respected casino gamer will know, there’s more to the perks of membership than activating the latest promotions, as there’s also fantastic new games to explore also. And while it’s true that you don’t necessarily need to be a member of a casino in order to play them, if you want to walk away with real money wins, then you need to play for real.

So far throughout 2018, each month has seen a wave of new titles hitting the market, with June looking set to continue that tradition. As is always the case with such releases, some activities are more remarkable than others, which is part of the reason we’ve created this mini review for you. Throughout this article, you’ll be introduced to five of the best slot machines that June can offer, each of which comes from different software developers.

Eliminators Slot

First up on our list is a Playtech one armed bandit, titled Eliminators. As you may have already gathered from its name, this is a wrestling themed slot machine, though it’s far from violent. Decorated with colourful symbols of both male and female wrestlers, this 3×5 matrix is a hub of possibilities, with the paytable catering to both standard and bonus wins.

One of the most intriguing elements of this 20 winlines activity is that it has collapsing reels, which means that any wins formed will explode while the other symbols remain in place. Thereafter, more symbols fall onto the grid to fill the gaps, which in turn could trigger yet another win. Then, you have the special features of the game, such as the high payout symbols, and the free spins, with the latter option having two different outcomes. Users will find that there’s Red Games and Blue Games, with the Red being the more volatile of the two, however it’s also the more rewarding, as it applies multipliers to the grid.

This mobile friendly slot may not be bursting at the seams with all sorts of bonuses, but there’s more than the average amount to keep users happy, and all for a reasonable stake of just 20p.

Poke the Guy Slot

Next up is a slot machine that doesn’t fit into any of the conventions we know, and it comes from renowned developers, Microgaming. Unlike traditional slot machines which offer reels, winlines, and a predictable click and spin system, Poke the Guy removes all of those features and creates a sort of instant win/slot experience. It’s a hard one to explain, but we’re certain you’ll enjoy the madness of it all.

Sporting crude, childlike graphics, the game looks like something a child would think up, with the rules of the game being just as funny; users need to hit the guy moving about the interface in order to win. You use a catapult to throw various items at him, all of which have their own betting limits attached, and so they work like the cash wagers you’d play inside other titles. Once you’ve selected your weapon(s) of choice, you need to target the guy and hit him, with the hit being the only way to generate wins. Honestly, we found the hitting part of this game more fun than actually banking the cash, as this poor guy gets KO’d in a number of ways. Betting starts from as little as 1p, meaning that this is one that everyone can join in on, with prizes reaching the dizzying heights of x500 of your wager.

Vikings Go to Hell Slot

If you’ve not heard of this slot by now, we have to wonder where you’ve been hiding out recently, as Yggdrasil’s latest pokie has been talked about nonstop since its release. Inside the flaming 4×5 grid, users watch as the vikings return for their third installment, this time taking on the beasts of hell itself. And, of course, in doing so they do it in true Yggdrasil style, which means sublime graphics, dramatic music, and a whole load of wins coming your way!

The challenge of the matrix, e.g. the volatility, is high with this title, meaning that unlocking the free spins and other extras of the 25 paylines may feel tricky, however hang in there, as the payoff is worth it. Not only will gamers get to trigger free spins and respins, but the popular Berserk Mode is back, which we all know can generate some pretty hefty wins when that rage takes hold. Moreover, there’s also chances to fight demons head on, a feature which helps to separate this title from the previous two of the trilogy. We implore you to bite the bullet and descend into chaos with these characters – we guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

Lost Relics Slot

Our fourth game of this review is that of Lost Relics, a brand new slot machine from the marvels that are NetEnt. Much like Microgaming and Yggdrasil, NetEnt has a reputation for delivering stellar online games, packed full of crisp aesthetics and wonderful bonuses, with this latest slot fitting into that ideology.

Set inside a huge 5×5 grid, this explorer themed pokie is one big game to play through, yet one that’s ultimately accessible, thanks to its cheap beginning wagers of 20p. For that input, users can look forward to the innovative Cluster Pays, a unique system designed by NetEnt that generates a lot of cash for its players. In a similar vein to ways to play, users are able to group more matching symbols together, which in turn leads to higher returns. And then, on top of all of this, you’ve got the various bonus games of the title, including that of hidden chests, free spins, multiplying gold coins, and extra wilds.

In our opinion, this is one of those slot machines that’s likely to please all gamers of the iGaming community, as it provides such a rich tapestry of features. Furthermore, while there’s an obvious (and beautifully created) theme, the game features can be appreciated as standalone elements as well.

The Champions Slot

Last up, we have Pragmatic Play’s The Champions slot machine, a one armed bandit that’s going to tick all the right boxes for football fans, especially during the World Cup. Housed inside a 3×5 grid, this 25 paylines pokie is one of the more conventional we’ve reviewed today, and yet it stills promises a couple of features that help to reinforce its modernity.

We wouldn’t say that the graphics are quite as good looking as they could be, but the ability to interact with the matrix by picking your football team prior to playing, is something that helps us look past its aesthetics. Furthermore, customers are able to move the crosshairs all over the reels of the grid, which means you can control where any goals will ultimately land. That being said, there’s no guarantee that where you position the target is where a special football symbol will land, and so there’s an element of the unknown active here as well. Land that goal however, and you’ll be banking some big multiplier wins, even when you bet the lowest amount of 25p.