SoftSwiss Casinos and Slots

The iGaming industry has created a sea of companies, some of which are struggling to get by, and others which are able to push through and go out on top; SoftSwiss falls into the latter category. Arguably a newcomer among the seasoned oldtimers of the industry, this 2008 launched brand has steadily made its way up the ranks, leaving a trail of products in its wake. What makes the success of this label, and now its stability, so interesting, is that to begin with they struggled to find their footing within the everchanging waters of the iGaming market.

In terms of breaking into the online casino scene, that didn’t happen until much later, in 2012, therefore meaning that a good four years was spent in honing their skills to ensure they had what it took to make their own way within this industry. Nowadays, SoftSwiss is seen as a “state of the art” company, partnered with several big names within the iGaming circuit, and thus able to create a whole host of games and services, such as customer service support, and so on.

One of the main reasons for them being favoured by their partners, is that they are incredibly fast in their setup of services, thus allowing for a more streamlined outcome. The reason for this speed is an understanding, and appreciation, of how important it is to get a great product out there, while also addressing the urgency of time around times. This, coupled with their years of experience, allows for a result that few other developers can claim to deliver. And lastly, there’s the beauty of their ability to navigate the legal matters of obtaining licensing, which brings us onto our next section.

SoftSwiss Supported Casinos

Should you wish to play at a SoftSwiss casino, there’s no end for you to choose from, with a lot of them you’ll have likely heard of or played at before, like that of Cleopatra Casino. Nonetheless, while there’s some familiar names up there, we’d advise a word of caution, as some SoftSwiss casinos have been blacklisted, like that of Wira Casino, although we’re not sure why that’s the case. Normally when reviewers do this, it’s due to the high amounts of negative feedback about that one website.

Betchain Casino, launched in 2014, is one site that we know you can trust, however please note that despite what some reviewers have said, UK players can’t access this site. However, those that can will find not only the odd SoftSwiss game to play, but also other games from their partners, and so its’ a broader experience than most. Another good casino to choose, though again it’s restricted to those residing within the UK, is that of JetSpin Casino, a new website for 2018.

As you can see, SoftSwiss is still helping plenty of websites get up and on their feet, with them still churning out casinos as we speak. Therefore, if you want an international experience, licensed by Curacao and beyond, this could be the right software brand for you to test drive. That being said, if you’re a UK player, you may wish to search for brands that are more suited to those that allow your custom.


In terms of licensing, SoftSwiss isn’t as easy to define as other brands, because they tend to focus on services rather than games, meaning that legality is more fluid with them. This isn’t to say that they don’t hold a gambling license, as they need to in order to operate legally, however it’s to say that they’re related to several different licensing regulators rather than a single one.

In fact, SoftSwiss is so well versed in how vital a solid, reliable license is, that they have a whole section on it, including the various jurisdictions that licenses cover, upon their website. This, in nothing else, demonstrates how seriously this brand takes their involvement within the iGaming industry, and how invested they are in ensuring that their partners hold that same level of respect. Nonetheless, while they’re invaluable for giving out advice and helping others to find the right license for them, they’re not so good at presenting us with the details of who licensing them.

We did some further digging around to learn more, and found that the vast majority of SoftSwiss casinos are licensed by Curacao, a regulator that is widely used, but arguably one of the less rigid in its regulations. This is why SoftSwiss can offer Bitcoin services upon their sites, a form of payment that allows anonymous transactions, unlike that of payment methods such as Visa and PayPal.

Games Overview

Slotomon Go Slot Review

Slotomon Go Slot Review

Launched: Oct 2016
Software: SoftSwiss
Paylines: 5

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In a similar vein to licensing, SoftSwiss makes pinpointing their number of games quite difficult, due to them offering casino solutions instead of games. This isn’t to say that they’ve never made a game in their entire history, just that due to their work with multiple brands, it makes it hard to determine which is solely SoftSwiss and which are from other developers. An evident issue when browsing their Games page on their website.

Delve deep enough however, and you learn that SoftSwiss rebranded their games to that of BGaming, a name that is hardly well known, yet has enough of a following to be one you may have heard of. When looking at the portfolio in this way, it soon becomes apparent that there’s few games that belong to SoftSwiss that are of their own design and make, and thus it makes them a very niche creator of slot machines. A lot of these titles aren’t easy to identify as SoftSwiss, aside from the same sort of control panel setup being utilised, and a similar size of grid; hardly obvious markers to the untrained eyes of novice gamers.

Part of the reason for this rebranding, in spite of such a low amount of their own games, is so that SoftSwiss could create more HD ready, mobile ready options for its fans. In this day and age, where mobile gaming is one of the larger communities of the iGaming market, having mobile optimised gameplay is key. To ignore that fact would be to nail your coffin lid shut.

Most Famous Games

Without sounding like a broken record, the aspects of definition that have confined the past two sections are going to come into play again, as it’s hard to find famous games from a brand that’s one, rebranded, and two, is so small. Small in the sense of the slot machines they create, at the very least. After all, due to their B2B services, it’s like SoftSwiss games with the most fame have been created elsewhere.

Once again, we’re forced to use our own opinion of the brand, alongside testimonials from gamers, to come to a conclusion of this subject, which means our chosen slot(s) could easily be contested. From what we could find online, Platinum Lightning is a hugely popular, and successful SoftSwiss game, and has been since its creation. Sporting a mythological theme, this is a slot machine that packs a punch, visually speaking, even in spite of its graphics looking somewhat outdated by today’s standards. Gamers will be able to play the 5 reels and 25 winlines of this title with ease, as well as activate some free spins along the way, a guaranteed feature of all SoftSwiss games.