Silent Movie Slot Review

Quick Facts

Released: June 2016
Software: IGT
Progressive: No
Reels: 5
Paylines: 30
Coin Values: 0.10 +

Seeing as film is such an integral part of gaming, it’s not unusual to come across several titles that are based on the latest blockbuster. However, what is different are slots that pay homage to the silent era of films, which is precisely what Silent Movie from IGT does.


What is most striking about this activity is the monochrome hue it adopts; to be as authentic as possible with a modern rendition, Silent Movie reverts to the classic black and white to help transport you back in time. It’s a subtle but powerful means of giving this slot a specific feel therefore setting it apart from other games. Moreover, the graphics used are an array of traditional film icons such as the infamous film reel, and then higher value icons are characters like Dr. Jekyll, further adding to those all important finishing touches that really make a slot game stand out.

Silent Movie Slot
Silent Movie Slot

Alongside their muted counterparts, the all important Wild and Bonus symbols are injected with colour, therefore drawing your attention to them whenever they land on a reel; it’s a clever tactic that keeps your senses sharp. Add to that the animated movement of a winning combination and the aesthetics of this game are pretty hard to beat: they’re well executed and crafted.

To begin playing this five reels 30 paylines activity you need to bet a minimum of 30p, although you can crank it up all the way to £90 if you’re feeling adventurous. For that kind of stake you are looking to enjoy four bonus rounds, which is a lot of entertainment for one title. However, the jackpot lets it down with being a measly 1,000 coins; in comparison to a lot of other slots out there, this amount seems pretty low.

The four bonus mini games all relate to the characters from classic movies that pop up along the reels, with one of the special icons needed alongside two staple symbols for the bonus features to activate. To help break down what each character and their accompanying round delivers, we’ve outlined a brief overview of each one:

  • A Muddy Romance Bonus: Here you can expect to get between 6 and 12 spins depending on how the round pans out, and should you manage to get several Scatter symbols in one go you can win yourself 250x what you originally bet.
  • Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Bonus: This round offers a far less impressive 3 to 6 extra spins, however they’re accompanied by a 3x multiplier which soon lightens the mood. Another Wild is thrown in here, which depending on where it lands can give you a handsome reward at the end of the round.
  • A Trip to the Moon Bonus: Get yourself 10 to 15 bonus spins here, mixed in with a chance of a 2,000 jackpot instead of a 1,000 and some added Wilds to keep you busy. If the doubled payout is what you’re interested in then you need to bag another moon tile.
  • Keystone Kops Bonus: Unlike the other rounds, this one has a set amount of spins, 10 to be exact. Prior to these starting, you’re given the chance to pick a ticket that determines what multiplier comes into play: 2x or 5x. This applies to the first five spins, and then the next five have that multiplier doubled, which means big returns for you.

Overall Summary

There isn’t a lot not to like about this game – it has everything you want from a medium variance slot, all presented in a package that looks and sounds great. Yes the final jackpot, even when doubled, is rather disappointing, but that’s a small issue when you take into account the fun you can have whilst playing the title.