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Software companies of the iGaming world tend to be known, first and foremost, for the games they create, like Yggdrasil being known for their immersive 3D titles, and yet when it comes to Rival Gaming, they’re known for something else. Primarily, this brand is all about B2B products, aka business to business, and so it’s their partnerships with other companies within the iGaming industry that’s help elevate their status over the years.

As some of you may already know, Rival Gaming was launched, officially, in 2006, making it 12 years old this year. Over the course of that time, the company has not only crafted long lasting partnerships, but has also produced 160 of its own games, thus turning it into a multifaceted corporate machine. What first allowed them to break into the industry all those years ago, was the “springboard” of GiGse, a sort of convention that properly enabled the brand to put itself out there and get its name known. Nowadays, while overage of their work isn’t as sorely needed in order for them to succeed, Rival still attend conventions when they can, such as ICE 2014.

When they’re not attending such events, they’re busy working on updating the games that they’ve launched in the past, but are desperately in need of updating, a feature that sets them apart from the rest. All too often, iGaming brands can get complacent in their portfolio, with the focus only being on the new and not the old, thus leading to a new generations of gamers turned off by the more classic models they see. This is something Rival Gaming, and Rival casinos, are actively attempting to avoid, and is an act we can’t commend them enough for.

Rival Gaming Supported Casinos

To round off this article, we come to where you can play the aforementioned titles, and any others you may find, which is where Rival Gaming casinos come in. During our research, we found many a negative review in association with Rival casinos, which has less to do with their software, and more with the poor management by the operators utilising the services Rival have provided. Therefore, it may be a part of the Rival gaming experience you wish to miss out.

If however, you wish to visit one of these casinos, there’s a handful for you to choose from, such as VideoSlots Casino, a brand that was launched back in 2014. Still relatively young by iGaming standards, this dual licensed casino is a great hub of gaming, providing adequate customer support alongside the titles it offers. Users could also try the services of SlotsMillion Casino, another Rival Gaming website that was released in 2014. Much like its sister site, this offers a safe environment in which to play, where the licensing comes from well known regulators rather than that of Curacao.


According to Rival Gaming themselves, as detailed upon their webpages, they’re a brand that’s accessible across all jurisdictions. If this is the case, it’s an extremely rare one, as few iGaming brands, if any at all, are able to be enjoyed by every single player throughout the world. The reason we say this is due to gambling laws, as each country has their own set of rules and regulations, hence the reason why licensing is so important.

Based in Canada, it goes without saying that Rival casinos, and the games it creates, won’t have the same gambling laws as games created within the UK, and yet, thanks to their dedication, Rival games can be accessed at a number of UK casinos and beyond. Taking this into account, it would be fair to assume that Rival Gaming holds a license from the UK Gambling Commission, alongside others, and yet the only licensing mentioned upon their website is that of turnkey licensing.

This lack of information, while not worrying, is indeed problematic, as it makes it harder for us to assess, and for users to determine, how accessible the brand truly is. Given the number of partners they work with on a daily basis, we find it unlikely that any of you should run into problems when attempting to play some of their games. However, that’s hardly the point. Licensing transparency should be at the top of every brands’ must-have list, rather than us having to contact the team to find out more.

Games Overview

Windy Farm Slot Review

Windy Farm Slot Review

Launched: October 2016
Software: Rival Gaming
Paylines: 50

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Catsino Slot Review

Launched: May 31, 2016
Software: Rival
Paylines: 50

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Be your passion for desktop or mobile gaming, 3 reels or 5, Rival Gaming has no end of activities for you to select, with some of these titles being more immersive than others. If you take a look at the portfolio of games presented upon the Games section of the company’s website, you’ll see that there’s nearly 200 to search through. Some of these titles are incredibly basic, and some would argue classic, in their design, while others take on a more contemporary approach. Nevertheless, while there’s obvious differences between themes, there’s always an easy way to spot a Rival Gaming slot from other brands out there: the generic characteristics they all share.

Even though each game has a different texture to it, the way the reels spin, as well as the control options enabled, allow us to see identify which Rival Gaming titles we’re interacting with. For example, the 5 reels of Moonlight Mystery look very different than the reels of Mystic Wolf, and yet the layout is largely the same, thus allowing for greater adaptability for all who play Rival games. You see, the spin button always tends to be on the right hand side, while the winning amount you’ve earned is on the left, with all the other controls wedged in between the two. It’s a subtle element of the design to notice, and yet it’s unmistakable for all Rival Gaming activities.

Following on from this, you also have the quality of the graphics as a way to easily identify the products of this company; rather than delivering the best in the business, Rival lands as a happy medium on the graphics scale. They’re neither out of this world or poorly rendered, but just an average set of graphics that do their job in order to create a welcoming world in which to play. And lastly, there’s also the systems that are used to create this games, with a lot of the older models using Flash software over the preferred HTML5 that other labels use. Rival Gaming prides itself on using a collection of software, such as JavaScript, and AS3, in order to create the games you see today. This is rather different from other brands out there, who tend to stick with just one system instead, not that this limits Rival Gaming in any way. In fact, we’d argue that it allows the opposite of that.

Most Famous Games

As we’ve experienced with several brands before now, Rival Gaming isn’t well known because of any one game, or even a series of games. Consequently, this makes identifying its most famous titles even harder, as we only have personal opinion rather than cold hard facts to go on. Nonetheless, while this section of the article with be more subjective than others, we have found a couple of activities that are renowned throughout the community for the appeal they generate among fans.

One such slot is Major Moolah, an old fashioned one armed bandit that has popped up over the years instead the odd news article and blog post. The reason for this is due, in large, to its large progressive jackpot, which has been known to exceed over 30,000 credits in any one playthrough. Of course, the amount you could end up with can be very different to that figure, which is why so many flock to this pokie – they want to see if they can beat the highest amount won so far. At this moment in time, the most ever won is that of 21 million credits, a staggering figure that was reported earlier this year, having been won at one of the Rival Gaming supported casinos.

Another “famous” game, at least among the fans, is that of Midas Touch, a slot machine that is dripping with golden promise. Incorporating similar imagery to Major Moolah, is game highlights how powerful the imagery, and gameplay, of classic fruit machines can be. Is this why so many fans love Rival Gaming? Given the legacy that their retro games have crafted, we’re beginning to wonder ourselves.