Realtime Gaming Casinos and Slots

Experience, more often than not, is valued far more than the allure of a new brand, which is part of the reason Realtime Gaming has become such an outstanding iGaming label. Having started out in the late 1990s, this brand has seen the beginning of the online gaming boom, and so has untold knowledge of how the industry has formed, and thus where it could end up. As a result, Realtime Gaming has demonstrated that they can stand the tests of time and gift us users with products we want to see, with slot machines being only one small piece of the puzzle.

In spite of their age however, Realtime doesn’t have the largest of portfolios when compared with other brands also similar an age, such as Microgaming, a factor that has ultimately impacted on the growth of their popularity. Even though this brand is one that many gamers know about, we don’t often see their titles are the forefront of online casinos, but rather an addition to other, more successful gaming labels. This isn’t the same that Realtime Gaming activities aren’t impressive or worthy of your attention, but simply that they can often be pushed to the back in favour of other titles.

Put this altogether, and you end up with a brand that’s still relevant and working hard in 2018, but one that isn’t making the news quite so much as other iGaming labels. And yet, this hasn’t impaired what Realtime Gaming can do, as shown by the number of casinos, and B2B products that’s on offer from the brand at this time. Therefore, if nothing else, Realtime Gaming demonstrates that just because you’re not the hot label of the moment, doesn’t mean you can’t still be a gaming company worthy of praise.

Realtime Gaming Supported Casinos

If, after everything we’ve gone through, you’re still interested in not only learning more about this company, but also playing some of its titles, then what better way to do so than by visiting a Realtime Gaming casino. Fortunately for those of you who are fans of the brand, there’s no end of websites to choose from, a lot of which are UK accessible.

Players can visit the 2014 launched Thunderbolt Casino in order to experience a lightning fast range of services, housed inside a subtly decorated interface, or they can choose to visit Slots of Vegas Casino instead. This site is more on the flamboyant side, and has been since its release in 2004. Both of these websites, and all the other Realtime Gaming casinos you can choose from, are licensed by one or more regulators, and will offer more than just the games of the brand we’ve discussed today. Consequently, your choose is down to what intrigues you most, and what you want out of your iGaming experience.

There are plenty of other sites to browse, but to list them without detail would be to do an injustice to the rich tapestry that Realtime Gaming has weaved over the years. And so, we leave the investigation up to you. New or old, retro or modern, there’s a Realtime casino for every single gamer out there, all you need to do is look for it.


In regards to how the fairness, and legality, of these games are kept in check, that falls to the Curacao license the company has in place. Even though this is a recognised regulators of the industry, it’s unfair to say that this particular license is safer than any of the others; scratch under the surface enough, and you come to realise that this is more a business license than a gambling one.

Arguably the reason such a license is utilised is due to a number of factors, one of which is location, and also ease of obtaining said license. However, all is not lost in terms of security, as some Realtime Gaming casinos will be certified by game fairness companies, which in turn allow greater peace of mind should you suffer any ill effects from gaming with that website. In truth, this isn’t as secure as a license from the Malta Gaming Authority, or other such bodies would be, but at the very least you are given more security than what would be offered by the blanket business license of Curacao.

As for why this license is less rigid than others, this is due, according to our sources, to a lack of a solid infrastructure being in place for gambling within this jurisdiction. Consequently, products that require licensing can still obtain one, but arguably one that hasn’t been tested as thoroughly as other regulators would have. This isn’t to say that Realtime Gaming is an unfair brand, but more just a word of caution when accessing their titles.

Games Overview

Super 6 Slot Review

Super 6 Slot Review

Launched: May 2016
Software: Realtime Gaming
Paylines: 729

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As we mentioned earlier on within our article, Realtime Gaming is far from the most extensive of gaming brands out there, with their selection of games being on the small side. Due to this lack of substance, it’s much harder to pinpoint the characteristics that make this brand what it is today; usually you can spot a brand from the tell tale signs within each of its games. However, the less materials you have to work with, the harder these markers are to spot.

One of the ways Realtime Gaming gets around this issue, is thanks to its Multi Channel Delivery, a system which is unique to them, and allows the operators they work with to join their products with Realtime. As a result of this, Realtime Gaming has a collection of over 300 games to offer players, and yet not all of them are the creation of this one brand, but rather a collective effort of other unseen developers. It’s an ingenious system, and one that has allowed this company to succeed where others have failed.

Another knock-on effect of this channel is that both old fashioned slots, such as cabinet games, and much newer models, can be accessible from multiple locations around the world. What is more, Realtime Gaming is also able to offer services, such as sportsbook betting, a feature that other iGaming labels may not provide at this time. It’s admirable that this brand has learned to adapt so well, as it has meant that they’re able to withstand the constant changes that grip this industry time and again.

Most Famous Games

In regards to fame, it’s hard to select any one Realtime slot machine that steals the show; rather than have a couple of huge successes, Realtime Gaming has made a name for itself by running with consistency rather than one hit wonders. As a result however, it makes it incredibly hard to narrow down this section of our search.

Looking back over the activities that have been created, we find that fans have commented time and again on the likes of Asgard and Aladdin’s Wishes, two pokies that while not the best in the business, deliver an enjoyable playthrough and favourable payouts. These two examples are miles apart, in that their themes are contrasting, and yet the ease of gameplay, mixed with the simplicity of the features is what makes them such favourites of the iGaming community. Does this make them the most famous? Hardly, but given the way in which Realtime Gaming works, and has made a name for itself, this is as close an answer as we’ll get.