Monster Wins Slot Review

Quick Facts

Released: June 2016
Software: NextGen Gaming
Progressive: No
Reels: 5
Paylines: 1024
Coin Values: 0.01 up to 2

Everyone loves a quirky theme attached to their slot of choice, and as the variety of games expands every month or so, so too does the need for something different. To try and accommodate consumers wishes, NextGen has created Monster Wins.


One of the first aspects that strike you about this title is the cuteness of its design: there are a lot of little brightly coloured monsters lining the reels, with similar aesthetics to the aliens seen in Chicken Little. Although there is a selection of creatures, not every icon is one of these tiny critters, some simply have wording sprawled across them, and a tile covered with five eyes (the Boss Monster). While the graphics aren’t exactly the most imaginative, it’s refreshing to see that every symbol is specific to the game rather than generic card embellishments.

To better understand the value of each icon players need to check out the number of limbs (if any) and the eyes: the rank of each monster is decided by the number of each of these they have, therefore the greater the tentacles and eyes count the better the value. Make sure you look out for the Wild that pops up on four of the five reels and changes all symbols bar the Scatter, as well as the Scatter and Bonus.

Monster Wins The Boss Monster
The Boss Monster
Monster Wins Symbols
Monster Wins Wild and Scatter
Wild and Scatter

Should customers manage to get over three of the Scatters (the tile that reads ‘BONUS’) the Boss Monster Free Game will be launched, giving you three extra spins. Initially this sounds quite disappointing, but when you take into account that the first reel is stacked with Boss Monster symbols, you soon realise that you can get large returns from those three spins. The Boss Monster also has a special feature of revealing additional hiding tiles of its kind when the the first reel is filled with them. This happens on a regular basis, so your chances of getting a higher stake and more prizes makes this activity more exciting.

In regards to the number of paylines, there are over a 1,000, which is quite unique when compared with the numerous video slots available online nowadays. Should you still be interested in this game after hearing all this, users can place a minimum bet of 50p or they can put in a larger stake of £100; whichever sum you choose, you’re all working towards the 2,500 coin jackpot. As you can see, this game hardly gives you a massive return for choosing to opt in, but it isn’t the smallest final prize we’ve come across, so that’s another plus.

Overall Summary

When all is said and done with Monster Wins, it’s a low variance slot that is a gentle introduction to games of this nature, or it can be seen as a peaceful break from more active video slots from NextGen, but it’s not anything too impressive. It’s fun enough, but the jackpot is small and the fact that the bonus features trigger so much actually make the title feel dull and predictable. There’s no fun in knowing you will keep scoring special features, especially if you like to re-play your slots on a regular basis.