Master Chen’s Fortune Slot Review

Quick Facts

Released: Oct, 2018
Software: Pragmatic Play
Reels: 5
Paylines: 9
Mobile: Yes

Pragmatic Play aren’t ones for sitting and letting other brands do all the work for them, which is part of the reason they have over 100 slot machines to choose from and play through, with Master Chen’s Fortune being one of its newest members. Known for delivering well crafted HTML5 content for not just themselves, but for other developers within the iGaming community also, Pragmatic Play is a winner with fans time and again. Will this new slot change this, causing them to lose face? We doubt it.

Master Chen’s Fortune is a vibrant oriental themed pokie, consisting of 5 reels and only 9 winlines. This means that it’s much smaller than the other one armed bandits we’ve seen previously from the brand, but that doesn’t necessarily make it any less enjoyable to play. In fact, we’d say it’s more enjoyable because of how compact it is, all while providing the same exhilarating, high value returns that its sister games provide. So long as you’re willing to interact with lucky cats, and sumptuous red and gold reels, this game has money to gift you.

Game Symbols

First off, we’d like to explore the intricacies of the paytable, chiefly that of the types of symbols you’ll be coming into contact with, should you chose to play this pokie. In the same fashion as other Pragmatic Play titles that’s gone before it, Master Chen’s Fortune delivers a mixed bag of symbols, ranging in value. One of the easiest ways to identify big money icons, or at least ones that can trigger such wins, is by looking at the graphics of each symbol – are they interesting, or are they plain?

Master Chen’s Fortune Slot Intro

The reason we ask is because Pragmatic Play clearly differentiates between the two, providing a set of easy to recognise low and high value symbols. An example of this would be the A from the paytable; sporting merely a simple card suit design, this is one of the six lower valued icons. The higher paying symbols are the ones decorated to match the theme, such as the wild, which is Master Chen himself. Should you not be interested in their values, but rather in the number of symbols there are in total, then Master Chen’s Fortune is a 12 icon game, with two of those symbols generating larger wins due to their specialised qualities.


Moving on, we come to how the game is played. This particular pokie has 5 reels and 9 winlines, as stated earlier, presented inside a 3×5 matrix, all of which is pretty standard for the iGaming industry. As a result, the controls of the game are also standard, with players needing to match three or more of the symbols for a win to be generated; some icons allow for a one and two of a kind win, but this is a feature more exclusive to Master Chen’s Fortune than the industry itself.

To make these winning combinations, gamers need to choose whether they want to autoplay the reels or spin them manually, as well as decide the amount of money they wish to stake on each spin. Fortunately for all gamers involved, this title allows wagers from as little as 0.09 credits per spin, thus making this a budget gamers dream. Nevertheless, while the pay in is low, so too are the wins, an element that can only be remedied by a higher stake in the game, a feature we’ll comment on in greater detail later on.

Bonus Features

When it comes to bonus materials, Pragmatic Play hasn’t showered us with all too many options here, sadly, as the scatter symbol is nothing more than a boosted payout. Therefore, in terms of variance, this is a low value game to choose. That being said, if monetary goals are all that concern you, then Master Chen’s Fortune is a fine choice, as the scatter symbol generates one of the largest win of the game, provided you can match five of the same symbol upon the winlines.

Alongside the scatter, there is also the wild icon, a symbol we loathe to call a bonus, seeing as how nearly every slot machine ever created has a wild included. Nonetheless, while nothing new, the substituted wins of the icon allow for more regular wins, should the reels roll in your favour. Not that this title will make it easy, as the wild can only land on the second, third, and fourth reels specifically. To ease this difficult to land feature, the game offers a x2 multiplier to any substituting wins players manage to make.


Earlier in our review we commented on how the wins are rather small unless you wager a certain amount, a point we’d now like to return to. You see, unlike many pokies in which the value of the paytable is fixed, Master Chen’s Fortune has an increasing/decreasing value linked to the amount of money you bet. Consequently, it stands you in good stead to gamble with as much cash as you can manage, as it’ll (hopefully) lead to big wins.

If you wager with the full 45 credits bet, the maximum able to be staked, then the potential returns can reach 25,000 credits. Granted, this isn’t as high a payout as other Pragmatic Play activities, but for a 9 winlines slot machine, that amount of cash is a healthy reward. In order to get that return, you’ll need to get the lucky cat symbol five times, rather than the scatter symbol, something which makes this slot different from other Pragmatic Play titles, such as Vegas Magic.


Enjoyable, colourful, easy to play, and potentially large in wins, Master Chen’s Fortune is an ideal slot machine for all manner of gamers, be you a novice looking to cut their teeth on their first game, or a highroller in need of a new, big win fix. And yet, we feel like Pragmatic Play could have made the winlines of this title more immersive, especially in terms of graphics; instead of card suits, it would have been nice if all of the symbols had been in-keeping with the theme. It’s a small query at best,however, and so we’re certain the majority of you will find this pokie more than fun to take a gamble on.