How Payout Percentages Work at Casinos

In case you are new to online casino entertainment world, you must be hearing and reading a lot about payout percentages. For an outsider it’s just numbers, but for a skilled gamer it is a vital piece of information that can sometimes determine his or her choices regarding certain games or particular casino websites. Apart from indulging thematic interests and amusement needs, players strive to turn a profit, which is why data like average payout reports play a major role in understanding how gambling works. Here’s a closer look at payout percentage, what it stands for, how it is determined, and how it influences the virtual gambling experience in general.

What is Payout Percentage?

The payout percentage is, obviously, expressed in percent values and it shows the amount of money casino pays out to the player after his winnings are compared to the amounts previously invested. In other words, it is the sum of wagered money eventually paid back to players who score prizes at an individual game or, in a wider sense, at a particular online casino venue. Typically, the digits revolve around 95% and more. Just to paint a clearer picture, imagine you have wagered $100 at a casino that states a 95.6% payout rate. This means you will be getting $95.6 back through your winnings.

Other than payout percentage you may encounter terms such as return to player rate, abbreviated to RTP. What remains out of your placed bet that does not end up back in your pocket marks the winnings of the casino. This sum is better known as the house edge or house advantage, and you will find it expressed in percentages as well.

Why is Payout Percentage Important?

Now that you know what it stands for it can’t be that difficult to conclude why payout percentage is such an important piece of data in the online casino community. When a return to player rate qualifies as one of the higher or highest there is, then it creates best circumstances for winning-driven players. From a gambler’s point of view, a high payout percentage equals maximum financial benefits from playing a specific game, or entering any casino site for that matter. A fact remains that not every customer experiences the same rate, but generally speaking a calculated payout percentage that has been made public continues to provide players with useful guidelines that shape their gaming activities at online casino establishments.

Should I Trust Payout Percentages I Find Online?

Some casinos prefer not to reveal the return to player rate, but most of them have these figures calculated and publicly displayed without being reluctant in admitting that a certain house edge does exist. Best online casino game providers allow independent third party companies audit their payout percentage. The audit companies have special programs that play games numerous times and collect information of carried out winnings. This way, the numbers released are objectively calculated and stripped from any doubt of being a false allegation. After all, they are done outside the ‘house’.

In some cases, the casinos’ payout rates are determined by law, depending on jurisdiction the casino in question belongs to. This can also vary when observing certain types of games, or specific regions where already established rates on the market dictate financial frames inside of which a casino is bound to operate. If the online market gets more or less competitive at a given moment, this might affect payout rates, but don’t get overly burdened with these facts. Just keep in mind that RTP’s are useful resources that in most cases can help you find your way in the online casino labyrinth. You can trust them, but don’t let them be the only thing you consider when signing in to a casino website.

Things to Remember

To sum up, we’ve explained that payout percentage rate stands for money that casinos pay back to their customers, on average. At most respectable online casino venues the RTP tends to be manifested between 93.00% and 98.00%. Usually, online casinos have a higher average return to player rate than real, land-based casinos. You should always keep an eye on the payout percentage before engaging in playing casino games, but you mustn’t see it as guarantee of more frequent and bigger prizes. Most of the time, you get closer and closer to the average payout rate as you spend more time and effort spinning reels or being dealt with cards.

Naturally, payout percentages often change, so don’t waste your time remembering multiple numbers, you just might get lost in confusion. Simply stay tuned and keep track of your favourite casino software providers’ activities and your favourite online games so you would benefit from learning specific payout rate values that are current, present at the moment of playing.