Hanzo’s Dojo Slot Machine Review

Quick Facts

Released: August, 2018
Software: Yggdrasil
Reels: 5
Paylines: 25
Mobile: Yes

Regarded as arguably one of the most contemporary and forward thinking of the iGaming labels out there, Yggdrasil has released some hugely successful games, such as its dramatic Vikings series. Despite having created such well received games, this software developer isn’t satisfied with just sitting back on its laurels, and so they’ve developed yet another new title, called Hanzo’s Dojo.

As is the way with Yggdrasil titles, the 5 reels of Hanzo’s Dojo are brightly decorated, in this instance with stunning oriental iconography, helping to create a serene environment in which gamers can immerse themselves. In spite of this however, the 25 winlines of the game are lined with powerful fighting symbols, as this game is all about beauty meeting deadly skill, a “story” that Yggdrasil translates well, especially during the introductory video of the activity. For those of you keen on well polished features, solid graphics, and stimulating action, this Yggdrasil title will struggle to be beaten.

Game Symbols

When you start to browse the paytable, you’ll notice that there’s eight standard symbols, separated into highly rewarding and low value icons; fortunately, even the lesser valued icons aren’t easy to spot, thanks to the stunning stylings of the game. Moreover, when it comes to matching these tiles, be they the Dojo Master himself, or illustrated waves, a match of between three and five of the same symbol is needed.

Free Spins
Free Spins
The Hanzo Symbol
The Hanzo Symbol
Wild Symbol
Wild Symbol

In addition to this portion of the paytable, there’s also unique bonus symbols, associated with the free spins and “Rooftop Slot” of the game, thus meaning that there’s a diverse array of tiles to familiarise yourselves with. Due to the nature of the bonuses, the free spins, wilds, etc don’t generate any monetary payouts. However, they can be the difference between a small win and an outstanding one.


As already mentioned, groupings of three, four or five of a kind combinations are needed to form a win. However, there’s a lot more to the dynamics of the game than merely connecting matching symbols, such as the Rooftop Slot, a completely innovative feature that’s exclusive to Yggdrasil. There’s nothing you can do to activate this mini game, other than hoping than rewarding tiles land inside the 1×3 mini grid, thus leading to one of three outcomes, all of which will be discussed in the next section of this review.
All of these features, as well as the basic activities of the game, can be activated by a total minimum bet of 0.10 credits per spin, while the maximum wager is 125 credits. Please note that changes in the bet don’t alter the value of the payouts offered by the paytable.

Bonus Features

The three bonus features coming from the Rooftop Slot is that of expanding wilds, free games, and Hanzo spins.

The spins and Hanzo spins are slightly different from one another, as the latter will lock in a 3×3 symbol upon the main reels, whereas standard spins will simply grant between three and four free rounds of gameplay. In addition to the additional spins, these features can be accompanied with boosters, such as multipliers, and so the bonus goes even further than normal.


In regards to payouts, an element of gameplay that we’ve touched upon but haven’t gone into great detail about, users will find that the monetary rewards never exceed more than £00 credits for a five of a kind win. What is more, that the amount you can win from matches is always set at the same price, regardless of the wager you make, as we stated earlier.

Consequently, Hanzo’s Dojo isn’t the highroller title that other pokies out there can be. However, if you’re lucky enough to navigate the low volatility title, you can land yourself a small fortune.


When it comes to this Yggdrasil one armed bandit, we’d be lying if we said that we weren’t impressed, given the depth of the aesthetics, the well rounded nature of the game features, coupled with the mini games. That being said, we find that Yggdrasil’s modern approach is almost predictable now, and so we’re not really surprised when we come across fresh, new features/bonuses.

Nevertheless, for an extremely small price, users can spin the busy reels of this oriental themed slot, with the genre of the winlines never overwhelming to the point of taking away from the action of the gameplay itself. All in all, this is a five star game, even if the theme isn’t to your usual liking.