Candy Bars Slot Review

Quick Facts

Released: 2016
Software: IGT
Progressive: Yes
Reels: 4
Paylines: 50
Coin Values: 0.01 and up

Food is a staple theme for video slots, with some using tasty treats and culinary delights to their advantage more than others. Candy Bars is an online activity from IGT that has adopted this tactic, choosing sweets and candy to win hearts over.


There is no way to escape the graphics of the game, which as you’ll see from the loading screen lack any form of imagination or personality. In fact, if we’re being brutally honest they look like they’ve not finished loading such is the quality. What is more, the icons themselves are three varieties of sweets and then blue and red sevens; that’s it. It looks outdated and like a title that belongs back in the late 90s and not in a millennial slot.

In regards to which symbols are the most important here, the Wild is arguably the key to upping that progressive jackpot; the symbol is a boring 2x, but it stands out from the other icons nonetheless. This tile is stacked on the second and third reels, and its multiplier increases to 4x if a couple of them turn up across your game, however if there’s only one you get a slightly smaller 2x multiplier. Although not wildly exciting, when players can bet from as little as 75p all the way up to £375 this feature proves more interesting. Furthermore, such a broad betting range allows a wider audience to enjoy this slot, though that being said it’s a niche title that won’t appeal to many gamers.

Candy Bars Playtable
Line wins
Line wins

What the game lacks in aesthetics and features, it makes up for with its progressive cash prize. Without meaning to sound like we’re encouraging continued playing, the more times you play Candy Bars the more likely you’re to experience the varied payout. Assuming you only bet with the minimum amount, different symbols activate the different jackpots: Snack Size, King Size, and Giant Size.

To get the first amount you need to get candy to cover the second reel, and then you will be rewarded with 750 coins. Should users be aiming for the next level up they will need the second and third reel to be covered to win 3,500 coins. Lastly, if you want the Giant Size jackpot, players need the sweets to now cover the second, third, and fourth reel (no surprises there given the format of the first two opportunities) to get 5,000 coins. It goes without saying that if you place a higher stake to begin with then the final payout will also be larger.

Also available in this activity is something called Blackout Wins which is a little bit of a rogue: it can happen at any time when many of the same icons line up on your reels, and when it happens it can give you a reward ranging between 5,000 and 25,000 coins. However, as exciting as it sounds, in principle it isn’t that impressive.

Overall Summary

Given the gameplay, appearance, and lack of bonus rounds, we don’t rank this video slot from IGT very highly. It’s worth a play, but we doubt anyone will be rushing back for more; it’s more likely that you’ll be sucked in by a much more varied title from the brand.