Birds! Slot Review

Quick Facts

Released: May 2016
Software: Betsoft Gaming
Progressive: No
Reels: 5
Paylines: 25
Coin Values: 0.02 up to 1

Animals always win us over when it comes to gaming: cute and cuddly or fierce and scary, we love them in all their forms for varying reasons. Out of all animals though, birds are among some of the most popular with users, and when we take a look at BetSoft’s Birds! it’s not hard to understand why.


Just wow when it comes down to the graphics; this game will definitely be an extremely tough title to beat. Every inch of this video slot has been carefully thought out in terms of design, so much so that it has an atmosphere all its own. Every symbol is a different bird, all of them unique in their own cute way, and as for the appearance of the reels? They’re in a league of their own: they’re telephone wires.

Birds! Slot
Birds! Slot
Free Flights
Free Flights

Nothing is conventional about this online activity, which for us is breath of fresh air, but for traditionalist players it may feel a little too overwhelming. The very fact that the birds fly away when you click spin is a novelty we haven’t quite gotten bored of just yet! It is by no means completely unique given that Birds on a Wire from Thunderkick uses a similar layout, but this from BetSoft blows that game out of the water in one wings beat.

Putting aside the impressive aesthetics, what customers essentially have here is a five reels 25 paylines format. What you get here is a chance to bet from a small 25p all the way to a much larger and bolder £125, all for a 500 jackpot, which is the only downside so far that we can find here (believe us, we kept looking for more).

When you get a winning combo, not only does the bird symbol of that combination fly up, they but all of the same birds in that area then fly away and are replaced with more; it’s swift and entertaining to watch, though it does slow the overall pace of the title down a little. So what is the aim of this game, besides you winning cash? Well those birds need to get the egg you can see on the lefthand side, and to do that the Tweet ‘o’ Metre needs to be filled up to the brim, once that happens, a lot of free spins ensue. How many extras you get is all dependent on the combos you make.

Alongside the quest for the egg, you have a Double Up button which is a Gamble All feature for those who are incredibly daring. Basically it’s a coin toss and you can either double your stake or lose it all; it’s not for the faint hearted.

Overall Summary

We absolutely love this game! When it comes to innovation and breathing new life into what has become a stagnated sector and game type, Birds! manages it. It doesn’t have as many features as we would like, meaning that the variance isn’t as high or as dynamic as it could be, but given the structure and uniqueness of the game many will be willing to overlook this issue. The biggest problem that can’t be easily overlooked is the very small jackpot, but maybe the flapping of wings with distract from the disappointment?