Betsoft Casinos and Slots

Betsoft Casinos and SlotsThe iGaming industry has no end of game developers to choose from, with some of the names being more renowned than others. When it comes to the likes of Betsoft, they’re a company that a lot of seasoned gamers are aware of, and even appreciate, while some more novice players may not know their level of influence at all.

Having been founded in 2006, Betsoft is one of the older brands that are currently available online, although they weren’t there at the beginning of online gambling. Despite on them being less well versed in the industry, say when compared to Microgaming, Betsoft is a trusted brand that has steadily released game after game. Their speciality is slot machines, however they have plenty more products for users to choose from, with some of these products even being designed for B2B partnerships.

Even now, in 2018, Betsoft is still making waves, with them securing more online gambling licenses from other countries around the world (a matter we’ll discuss later on); it’s a credit to the brand, and its employees, when a company can keep pushing forwards within an industry that has changed so much. Consequently, and given that Betsoft are still launching high quality titles on a regular basis, it seems fair to argue that they will be around in another decade or more. After all, Betsoft won an award in May 2018 for Best B2B Digital Platform and Software Solution, alongside another award (also in 2018) for being the best casino games supplier of the year, as credited by the MIGEA Malta iGaming Excellence Award.

Betsoft Gaming Supported Casinos

Following on from their most famous of titles, we come to where you can play the aforementioned pokie, as well as the 150 others that Betsoft has created since their foundation. The beauty of a brand as seasoned as Betsoft is that there’s no end of casinos offering their portfolio, either in part or in full, with some of these Betsoft casinos even carrying licenses for gambling in the US.

Of course, due to how broad Betsoft is with its experiences, it means that compiling a list of Betsoft casinos would take a lot of time to do, and so we’ll choose to focus on a couple of the main places users can visit. One such place is Casino Luck, a label that’s been in circulation since 1999, arguably when iGaming first started to take off, with Betsoft being one of the forerunners of that. Holding a license from the UK Gambling Commission, as well as the Malta Gaming Authority, this is an easy to access site, sporting a simple yet pleasant Irish themed interface. If however, you’d rather a more modern example of a Betsoft casino, then there’s always Dream Jackpot Casino, an unimaginatively named place, but one that has a contemporary edge to its services. Licensed by the same regulators as Casino Luck, this site is as secure as any other, with a wide array of Betsoft games at your disposal.

There are plenty more websites to choose from in addition to the two we’ve just mentioned, however some of geared towards US gamers, and so won’t hold licensing suitable for UK/European users. This is something to keep in mind when utilising any Betsoft casino service, so as to avoid disappointment.


As mentioned mere moments ago, Betsoft has been continually securing licensing since its creation in 2006, with their first notable license having been awarded in 2014, from the Malta Gaming Authority. Then, following on from this, Betsoft were able to break into the Italian iGaming market, thanks to them being awarded certification from the AAMS; as some of you will know, not every European country shares the same gambling laws, with Italy being one such country that requires further licensing.

The latest news in their licensing, is that Betsoft has been awarded a Class 2 license from the Romanian National Gambling Office, yet another sign of how farther ahead this brand is when compared with some of its rival brands. Of course, it isn’t just obscure regulators that govern the services of Betsoft, as the UK Gambling Commission and Curacao both regulate the products that are created and distributed by the company.

When exploring Betsoft’s own website, we found that there was mention of six different gambling regulators, listed at the bottom of their homepage; while this isn’t unheard of, it’s rare for iGaming labels to hold more than a dual license. And so, if nothing else, this both shows Betsoft’s dedication to the industry, and their passion for fair and secure gaming for all its users, wherever they reside.

Games Overview

Even though there’s a lot more to Betsoft than the games they produce, such as their B2B transactions and gaming systems development, Betsoft is known, primarily, for its slot machines. They, of course, create other types of activities as well, such as tabletop games and instant wins, but pokies are where the majority of their fans are discovered. This could be argued as due to the fact that the 3D graphics on display not only provide a more immersive experience, but also that they deliver a fluid world in which to lose ourselves.

One of the ways this is achieved is by Betsoft uses SLOTS3 technology, in which a combination of the best features of a game – strong graphics, engaging gameplay, etc – into one title. By doing so, the brand promises that their games with drive an increase in traffic for the casinos that showcase Betsoft games, a promise that wouldn’t be made lightly, nor if they couldn’t back up that statement. Nonetheless, while this system ensures that Betsoft casinos deliver a stimulating array of activities, there’s some titles that haven’t been made using SLOTS3, yet they’re still extremely satisfying to play.

But what of the variety offered, is there enough to entertain an assortment of interests, or is Betsoft too niche in their products? Fortunately for everyone interested in their games, Betsoft prides itself on diversity as well, with their slot machines alone covering a wide range of genres, including adventures, horror, magic, and so on. The only problem with such variance is that it can be hard for users to decide on which are the most praised of all the titles available. Sporting over a hundred different titles, and due to what players judge as a good feature, it’s hard to narrow down the top games from Betsoft, however there’s at least some consensus on several games. For example, Treasure Room, is regarded as one of the best slot machines, as is Lucky 7s, a more retro pokie to sample the rewards of.

The only problematic factor in all of these games, the good, the bad and in between, is that Betsoft games still utilise Flash software, a system that’s seen as inferior when compared with HTML5 software. Therefore, Betsoft are on the back foot, at least for some of their games, because of them having not updated many of their older releases. Given how crowded the iGaming industry is at this moment in time, it would benefit Betsoft even further if they remastered their older games. However, it’s understandable why they don’t do that, as they have various partnerships and products to maintain, with remastering tacking up valuable time that can be invested elsewhere.

Most Famous Games

We’ve touched a little on this subject matter already, however our focus was on what was the best of Betsoft’s games, whereas the most famous doesn’t necessarily have to relate to that, which brings us to Good Girl Bad Girl. This online slot is far from the most attractive that Betsoft has ever made, nor will it be the best game offered by the casinos you frequent, and yet there’s something about it that’s made it a huge hit with gamers.

What makes this such an interesting choice, is that it was only released in 2017, and so it’s little more than a year old. Clearly, age is but a number when it comes to fame. The premise of this good vs evil slot is that you can choose how to play it: the devil can coax you into wicked wins, or you can be sweet talked by an angel for the greater good. By choosing one over the other, users will experience either low or high risk gameplay. For example, playing as a good girl will deliver a low volatility playthrough, while the bad girl playthrough will present more of a challenge.