Bellagio & Music

The Las Vegas Bellagio resort is one of the leading venues when it comes to entertainment in Sin City. That’s quite an accomplishment in a place where you can find loads of fun events and shows and witness amusing occasions on every corner. From the free show of the dancing fountains in front of the luxurious property to grand musical events inside the resort that might set you back a few bucks but are definitely worth it, the Bellagio is an endless source of attractions and first-class entertainment. We’d like to share some accomplishments from the world of music that take place at the Bellagio and then let you decide if there’s something that matches the grandeur of this particular venue on the whole Las Vegas strip. Good luck with that!

Britney Spears – I’m A Slave 4 U (Concert at the Bellagio)

Britney Spears - I'm A Slave 4 U (Concert at the Bellagio)One of the most celebrated pop stars of all time, Britney Spears, has had her memorable Bellagio moment at the peak of her career. Her first two studio albums, …Baby One More Time (1999) and Oops!… I Did It Again (2000), were major successes on a global scale and they made her the Princess of Pop. At the time, these were seen as the revival of teen pop, but in the years that followed Britney pursued a more mature sound. The first single from her next, eponymous album was an example. I’m a Slave 4 You was an urban song with a Middle Eastern flavour, and it was extremely successful in Europe, being among the top ten in nearly every country that it charted in.

Britney performed I’m A Slave 4 U in front of the Bellagio in 2001, on a submerged platform in the Bellagio Fountains for the opening of the 2001 Billboard Music Awards. Complete with professional dancers she performed the familiar dancing routine from the music video and made a splash at the fountains in a patterned print flare pants and a bare-belly shirt.

Drake – Gyalchester Live (Concert at the Bellagio)

Drake - Gyalchester Live (Concert at the Bellagio)By the time he got to perform outside the Bellagio, the famed Canadian musician Drake had already won 10 awards for his accomplishments in the rap and R&B genre at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards. The Toronto-native gave THE award show performance at the very same event surrounded by the iconic Fountains at the Bellagio instead of a parade of dancers or flashy pyrotechnics. Okay, well, there were some fireworks but only a reasonable amount.

Drake looks like a source of light, all in white (rapping, are we?) on a circular stage on the water as he’s pouring out the lyrics for his hit song Gyalchester. Since he isn’t someone particularly known for live television performances, the chart-topper exceeded the expectations of everyone witnessing his memorable show coordinated with the Bellagio dancing watery backup, joined by Baka on stage. The spectacle ended with a fireworks display and also included water cannons.

Bruno Mars – 24K Magic (Music Video)

Bruno Mars - 24K MagicWhat is a secure sign that a celebrity has made it in the business? Well, you’ll agree, there are many. From winning an Oscar to laying a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, there are numerous indicators that this person is doing all right. After multiple unforgettable performances at the Bellagio Fountains, one could say that this has become one of them. Bruno Mars joins already mentioned celebs with his own Bellagio stunt, but in a different way. The ‘mini Michael Jackson’ filmed the video for his disco-funk song 24K Magic in front of the Bellagio Fountains which also contains scenes of him gambling and partying in Downtown Las Vegas, as well as tossing some of his moolah in a hotel hallway.

The sequence with the Bellagio Fountains steals the show, even though the video contains quite a few frames of women’s rears. As the song culminates, Mars ends up riding a jet ski through the fountain lake as the water erupts around him. Combined with the previous footage used in the video showing him partying and guzzling champagne, it looks like it’s simply fabulous being Bruno Mars. And Viva Las Vegas!

“O” Cirque du Soleil Las Vegas (Concert-event at Bellagio)

Cirque du Soleil Las Vegas (Concert-event at Bellagio)And now for something completely different. The largest theatrical producer in the world, Cirque du Soleil, has a resident show at the Bellagio since 1998. It’s called O, and its name is supposed to stand for ’eau’, which means ‘water’ in French. This is a water-themed stage production which involves an international cast of exquisite acrobats, synchronized swimmers, divers and character performers. There are 80+ performers on stage and in total 150 people employed including stage technicians. The show has everything, dizzying choreography, powerful gymnastics, visual acts of raging fire and the purification of water blended into one and high divers leaping 60 feet from the grid level without fear – a true aquatic extravaganza.

The award-winning show takes place in, around and above a 5,700 m³ (1.5-million-US-gallon) pool of water which gets drained into the Bellagio lake when it needs to have maintenance done. The musicians play their instruments from special glass enclosures so as to prevent or at least minimise water damage to the instruments. Some of them are more than a century old. The costumes designed for the show are inspired by multiple sources, from commedia dell’arte to Venetian courtly fashion and the Baroque époque. The production deals with the themes of the elegance of water and its infinity, as well as with the sheer beauty of theatre and its grandeur. Next time you’re in Las Vegas, make sure you stop by the Bellagio, find the theatre between the Poker Room and the Buffet and take this breath-taking once-in-a-lifetime experience with you!