Barcrest Gaming Casinos and Slots

Small but mighty, Barcrest is a classic iGaming brand that has been around since the beginning of the boom in online gaming, and even before then, back when gambling was for bricks and mortar establishments only. Sadly however, Barcrest may not be a brand you know all too well, as it’s undergone a lot of changes since it first started out in Manchester, UK, all the way back in the 1960s. What was once the biggest supplier of UK based fruit machines, is now a part of a much bigger, and newner, iGaming brand, known as SG Gaming (aka Scientific Gaming).

If that name sounds familiar, it’s because not only are they a largely known brand within the industry, but in 2011, SG Gaming went through a stage of buying out multiple gaming brands, of which Barcrest was included. Consequently, now when you play Barcrest slots, or are interested in learning more about this brand, you’ll see the SG Gaming logo come up and/or be taken to their website. In spite of this however, Barcrest has still maintained the old school detailings of what has made the brand so recognisable to gamers, and so their retro flare for gaming lives on.

Barcrest, much like Bally Gaming (which is also owned by SG Gaming), is an extremely classic iGaming brand, one that has few markers of the modern way of gaming; while some of their titles offer 3D graphics and stimulating features, at the heart of their activities is an old fashioned way of gambling. It’s a part of the brand that can divide fans, especially those of younger generations whom may not appreciate the simplicity of old school slot machines.

Nevertheless, and divided or not, Barcrest made a transition from cabinet games to ones online in what can only be described as a seamless move, and so regardless of your feelings for vintage gaming, Barcrest is an iGaming label everyone should know.

Barcrest Supported Casinos

Moving on, we come to the Barcrest casinos that are available for you to play, which are a plenty if our online research is anything to go by. As we’ve, briefly, mentioned before now, some of these casinos are much older than others, and so if you’re someone who prefers a more streamlined and contemporary experience, we advise avoiding them. Nevertheless, no matter your aesthetic preferences, we’re sure that you’ll find just as much fun at 2008 launched Mr Green Casino, as you will at 2017 released Power Spins Casino. Both of these casinos are fully licensed and therefore will ensure that your experience is a secure one, and both of these labels also offer more than gaming delights.

As always, there’s many more online casinos that’ll cater to the Barcrest market, some of which will be allowed inside your jurisdiction while others will not; if in doubt, you can search Google for the top Barcrest websites of the moment.


In terms of licensing, aka where the games of this brand are regulated and enabled, and where they aren’t, the only mention we can find is that of the UK Gambling Commission. Given the fact that Barcrest started out as a UK based brand, holding such a license makes sense, however it’s also somewhat surprising to learn that no other licensing appears to govern its services. Nonetheless, from what we can see on both the SG Gaming website and other resources online, this is the sole license that governs Barcrest Gaming.

As a result, those looking to play Barcrest slots may find that they’re limited in terms of which casinos allow them to do so; although there’s a lot of UK friendly casinos, there’s also many others which aren’t, and so narrowing down your search will be key in gaining access to this classic games brand. That being said, if you also consider how popular iGaming is within the UK, when compared with other countries, than such a license makes more sense than any other option. After all, why overreach when there’s a source of continued play right in the birthplace that created the Barcrest brand?

However, what we would like to add on the matter is that all online casinos hold licensing, and therefore you may find that a Barcrest casino is governed by a dual license rather than a single one. If this is the case, the safety and fairness of the games isn’t altered, it merely means that your chosen site allows users from a broader spectrum of the iGaming community.

Games Overview

Hercules High and Mighty Slot Review

Launched: November 2016
Software: Barcrest
Coin Values: 0.01 up to 5
Paylines: 100

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Flame of Fortune Slot Review

Flame of Fortune Slot Review

Launched: May 2016
Software: Barcrest
Paylines: 10

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When it comes to the actual games under the Barcrest banner, and out of those, the titles which are playable online, the pool is a somewhat limited one. During our online research of the brand, we found a total of 46 Barcrest slot machines, which means that there’s few options to choose from when exploring the Barcrest name. And yet, among these titles are some of the most famous Barcrest pokies around. You see, while it doesn’t appear that Barcrest are making any new one armed bandits, there are some releases from them that have proven the most successful of the iGaming industry. Therefore, if you want a classic experience that is guaranteed to tick all the right boxes for you, Barcrest is the way to go.

But what makes a Barcrest game? From what we’ve gleaned from our own playthroughs, Barcrest games can have very distinct feels to them, for example, Merry Money is an adventure type slot, whereas 7s to Burn is a classic fruit machine. Both of these activities are Barcrest through and through, but not because of shared themes, but because of the same sort of graphics and detailings. Simply put, they’re recognisably Barcrest because of their looks. In truth, this could be argued as being something that dogs every iGaming brand, however that would be somewhat of a simplified way of looking at things. Take for example, Yggdrasil, this modern brand always produces high quality slots, yet you may not be able to tell that each of their games belongs to them. As a result, it’s fair to say that more classic iGaming brands have an easier way of being recognised than newer ones, with Barcrest being a prime example of this.

The graphics, and controls of Barcrest slots, will always be a lot more unrefined than what you would find from a brand new release, however that unpolished feel to the gameplay is what makes it such an old school classic. It’s a more tangible experience. However, what will always let Barcrest slots down is that they still operate using Adobe Flash, a system which is fast becoming obsolete in favour of more integrated systems, such as HTML5. In our opinion, this is one of the most problematic characteristics of the Barcrest brand in all.

Most Famous Games

Sometimes when reviewing an iGaming brand, it can be hard to pinpoint what constitutes as one of their most famous of titles, simply because it’s an extremely subjective question. However, when it comes to Barcrest, that subjectivitity isn’t quite so rife, with the label having several clear winners, like that of Monty’s Millions, and Rainbow Riches. Both of these pokies are ones you’ll have heard of, even if you know little about them, as they sent the iGaming community into somewhat of a frenzy.

Monty’s Millions was a big success due to it having come over from physical, cabinet based gameplay and into the digital world, thus allowing a whole new group of players to experience it. Add to that its lovable main character, low pay-ins, and free spins, and you have a classically charged slot on your hands that everyone will find something to love about it. Nevertheless, out of the two slots mentioned, it was Rainbow Riches that really cemented Barcrest in the iGaming Halls of Fame, as this Irish themed slot has had enormous pulling power from the day it was released to now, with reems of users still discovering its 20 winlines. Looking at it with cynical eyes, the graphics of the slot are dated, and the sound effects lacking, but it’s the big money wins that makes the 5 reels of this slot machine so addictive.