Bally Gaming Casinos and Slots

As part of the Scientific Games brand, Bally Gaming is an associated games label which has been entertaining the iGaming community for several years now, and the casino community as a whole much longer than that. The origins of Bally go back as far as 85 plus years, thus making them a key player in the establishment of the casino scene we recognise today. At the time of its establishment, Bally gaming was lead by their main game, Ballyhoo; this wooden based pinball game could be argued as what started them down their path to greatness, with the label now firmly seen as a classic favourite among hardcore casino fans, both on and offline.

Regardless of whether you personally enjoy their games or not, Bally Gaming still instills appreciation from even the most contemporary of gamers, as highlighted by them being one of the most recognisable of the gaming brands currently in circulation. However, while this is indeed the case, Bally now comes hand-in-hand with Scientific Games, with the two synonymously connected. This in turn, has ensured that Bally Gaming has maintained a more up to date, also modern, set of practices, thus leading Bally in creating cutting edge games, a phrase used upon the pages of the SG website.

For those of you who haven’t had the chance at playing at one of the numerous Bally casinos that are online, you’ll have yet to experience the full power of their extensive catalog; not only are they renowned for cabinet games, but they’re also known for their online ALPHA2 operating systems too. And should you have any issues searching for Bally Gaming when looking for such supported gaming systems, you can always try their newer company name, Bally Technologies.

Bally Gaming Supported Casinos

If, after all of this, you’re interested in trying out the experience that’s crammed into the aforementioned Bally games and various others, you can access them by visiting a great number of online casinos. Fortunately, Bally Gaming is such a highly regarded and well received brand that even the most newly launched of casinos tend to stock at least one of their titles, if not more.

Using our own set of estimates, alongside other resources to hand, we can approximate that at least 24 Bally casinos are available at this time, coming from different operators, and having been launched at different times of the year. For example, not only can you play at the 2012 founded Casumo Casino, operated by Casumo Services Limited Casinos, but you can also play Bally titles at Casino Calzone, a 2017 released website, owned by MT SecureTrade Limited.

Each of the Bally casinos we found utilise similar licenses, and services, in order to maintain a regular audience, however you must always take into account that each site is different. Therefore, when looking to score some much needed Bally Gaming action, be sure to read up on whether the casino you’re visiting allows your country of residence; every casino always has a list of restricted countries, some of which are more substantial than others. What is more, also check out the ratings of these casinos before joining (if you can join), as reviews are often a good indicator of what to avoid and what to give a try.


In terms of licensing, Bally Gaming now adheres to the same regulations that SG do, seeing as how SG acquired the brand back in 2014; although not key to licensing matters, this makes Bally one of four other companies that have been acquired by Scientific Games over the years.

As for the licensing that governs Bally Gaming, that’s a little more difficult to find, as SG’s website doesn’t really highlight any one regulator, unlike a lot of other brands out there that do. We do know however, that Bally Technologies made iGaming history in 2017, having been awarded an online gaming license from the Nevada Gaming Control Board. As many of you will be aware, US gambling laws are different to that of the UK and other European countries, and so accessibility for gamers in the US can be tedious if not altogether impossible. In addition to this news, we also know that there’s many Bally casinos operating within the UK, thus meaning that such brands must hold licensing from the UK Gambling Commission. Nonetheless, although this is the case, individual casinos hold their own set of licenses also, and so they could differ from the ones that solely govern the products of SG and its associated companies.

Games Overview

Michael Jackson: King of Pop Slot Review

Launched: June, 2016
Software: Bally
Paylines: 25

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Pushing forwards from the subject of licensing to that of the games themselves, we begin by taking a look at the online portfolio that Bally Gaming has amassed. You see, given how seasoned this developer is, and the online presence of Scientific Games, it can be all too easy to assume that the list of games from Bally is unlimited. This couldn’t be further from the truth, however. Even though Bally Gaming has created many offline games, their online profile is a different story, especially when you strip back their connection to SG.

When you take a look at the Bally page of SG, there’s a total of nine game series that belong to the label. Small though this is when compared with other iGaming brands out there, it’s worth noting that a lot of these games are big name brands, such as their 007 James Bond Goldfinger slot machine, and so forth. Consequently, although few in number, the renown and influential clout that these branded games have are second to none, thus allowing Bally Gaming to be held in such high regards by its peers.

Given the fact that well known household names, like 007 and Monopoly, are involved, this also means that the themes of such titles are extremely different, and yet Bally Gaming has clear, notable characteristics. One of the easiest ways to spot one of their games, ignoring the iconic red and gold Bally logo, of course, is by looking for retro feeling graphics and design. Unlike more contemporary brands, Bally keeps all of their products feeling like titles from a bygone era, and so you tend to engage with more clunky looking imagery, and old school sound effects. Much like Wazdan, any Bally title can be spotted and connected to one of its sister activities, for example both Monopoly Hot Shot and Blazing 7s both use gaudy, in your face aesthetics.

As a result of its dated looks, even when releasing newer titles, Bally Gaming can often get overlooked by younger generations of players, as they sometimes worry that the games are lacking. This however, isn’t true, as while the games look outdated, they tend to provide greater payouts, quicker gameplay, and generally more simplistic entertainment value. Quite simply, they’re timeless.

Most Famous Games

In-keeping with this commentary on its products, we come to the titles that Bally Gaming, and Bally casinos, are most famous for; every brand has that one title, or several, that made them big. In the case of Bally, it’s classic titles like Hot Shot and Quick Hit, two such activities that have done a roaring trade from inside bricks and mortars casinos. However, due to most of Bally’s success being generated offline, can we, as online iGaming reviewers, say that these games are just as popular with online audiences? The short answer is yes and no. Even though Bally Gaming does a good job at drawing users in with its classic titles, it also attracts large iGaming crowds because of its heavily branded content, such as James Bond and Wonder Woman.